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  • Why I Created The Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint?

    "Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." - Joshua J. Marine

    Hayfa Marengo

    A vibrant solution to help overcome common network marketing challenges.

    As a successful professional network marketer and lover of this beautiful industry, I began to realize early on that there were some gaps in the areas of time management, authentic person to person connecting, and personal development training in the network marketing industry. Critical components necessary for breakout success.

    Over the years, I witnessed how these industry gaps impacted many network marketers, preventing them from reaching their full potential. This was not due to a lack of talent on their part, but rather, an issue of time management, organization, and juggling all the hats that most network marketers often wear. They simply did not have access to an easy to use "tool" that would help them define what motivates them to take action. A tool that would help them break down long term and short and long term goals into actionable income producing tasks... until now.

    As a recipient of two masters degrees, I have considered myself a career student for most of my life. Learning how to effectively manage my time and resources was make or break for me while working a 9-5 career in tandem with full-time graduate level courses. I became an expert at it, not by choice, but out of necessity.

    Drawing from this experience, I decided to do something about the challenges that I was witnessing within my own network marketing team of 2000+ entrepreneurs. So, in 2012 I began the initial brain storming session for what would eventually become the Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint. I applied my networking marketing experience, educational knowledge, and collected feedback from other respected industry leaders to help formulate an outline that would become a duplicatable and interactive "tool" for entrepreneurial network marketers at every level. The Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint was born out of absolute necessity, an answer to a need, and that's why it works.

  • What Is The Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint?

    "Dreams become reality when intentions turn into actions."

    Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint

    The Freedom Manifesto Blueprint® is your GPS to freedom living. An intuitive planner that helps you not only track and achieve your goals, but organize the chaos in between.

    What if you had a gps to help you achieve ultimate time and financial freedom? What if that gps helped you operate in alignment with your own personal "WHY?" What if it helped you to continue your journey of personal growth? What if your goals, your calendar, and self-development all became one easy, simple system to follow? What if this could all be organized into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks? Here's a clue… it exists, and it's called the Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint.


    Skillfully designed with the network marketer in mind, the Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint is an interactive tool that is designed to help network marketing professionals organize the chaos. Track leads, create lists, manage followups, communicate more authentically with their target audience, utilize technology and apps to help streamline life, time block, monitor daily intake of H2O and meals, transform short and long term goals into actionable tasks, and so much more.


    In a day and age when technology is slowly taking over all aspects of our lives, the value of taking time to hand-write your goals, tasks, and motivations is validated through the study of human psychology. When you write things down, you are setting your intention, you are taking the your first action step towards achieving your goals.

    The Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint is 315 pages of hardbound excellence. Designed in Phoenix, Arizona, handcrafted in San Francisco, California.

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    "Action is the foundational key to all success, so start right now."

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    "Action is the foundational key to all success, so start right now."

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    "The three most important days in your life are the day you are born, the day you find out why, and the day you find the vehicle that can take you there.

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  • FAQ

    Questions answered. 

    Can I save money if I place a bulk order?

    Yes. If you are looking to place a bulk order of 10 or more Freedom Manifesto ® Blueprint books for your team or for your business, please contact us with the number of books you are interested in ordering, so that we can offer you our discounted pricing structure. 

    Will the Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint be sold in retail stores?

    Not at this time. We estimate, if the demand is sufficient, that the Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint will be sold via online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes bookstores in the future. The Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint is ISBN registered.   

    What is the Freedom Manifesto® Ebook?

    Although no longer available, The Freedom Manifesto® Ebook is a fully digitized print-ready PDF of the hardback book. Don't forget to set your printer margins for .25" when printing.

    What are the dimensions and specifications of the Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint?

    The Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint is a hardbound 8"x10" book, measuring approximately 1" thick. The Freedom Manifesto® Blueprint is composed of 315 pages, printed on high quality 50lb Mohawk recycled paper. The pages are substantial enough to be marked on with pen, pencil, and/or highlighter without page bleed. The hardbound cover is black printed with smooth white lettering.

    What about refunds?

    Due to the nature of on-demand book fulfillment, generally speaking, refunds are not possible with our published products. However, as long as you cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it, we will gladly refund your money. If your order arrives damaged or shows signs of craftsmanship issues, we will work with you to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.


    The same is true for Freedom Manifesto apparel, when you order a shirt through our website, a creation slip is sent to our manufacturing partner in Los Angeles. However, as long as you cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it, we will gladly refund your money. If your order arrives damaged or shows signs of craftsmanship issues, we will work with you to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.


    Make sure to check the sizing chart before placing your apparel order. Ordering the wrong size does not guarantee a refund. If this happens to you, contact us ASAP. 


    For questions about refunds, email us at: hayfa@myfreedommanifesto.com

    What about shipping?

    We do our absolute best to get every order shipped out as quickly as possible. Because our products are either print on demand or distributed via a 3rd party vendor, our shipping timelines are based on the information provided to us by our vendors.


    Keep in mind that when you order apparel and published goods together, they are begin fulfilled by separate distribution vendors. Meaning they will arrive to you in separate packages.